Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Pixi by Petra Solo Eyeshadows

Hi Bears! I'm back with a review of two solo eyeshadows! They're both from Pixi by Petra! I have them in two colors: Gilded Olive (black) and Nude Nouveaux (white). I'll review the green one first and the white one.  By the way, I hope you had a meaningful Memorial Day! I had a BBQ at my uncle's house for this day.
This is the very back of the package.  It includes the product description and a message from Petra herself.
This is none other than the list of ingredients.  If you're looking for a more natural product, then this won't be for you. 
The eyeshadow itself has a butterfly design. I heard this eyeshadow's formula is compatible to Urban Decay's Creep. This essentially means it's better packed on than, say, blended.  I learned this while watching a video of Michelle's (aka saywink) on Youtube. I've never really tested UD's Creep, so I don't know if it's true personally. Now I'll test the eyeshadow myself.
I swatched this eyeshadow and things got messy. I do think it looks better if you don't blend it out. Now off to the second eyeshadow.
This is the front of the second eyeshadow I'm reviewing now. 
This is the back of the product. It includes a different message from Petra herself.
This is the eyeshadow itself. The color looks gorgeous.
The swatch is hard to see, but it's a gorgeous pink/ taupe nude color.
Overall, I recommend these eyeshadows as long you know how to work with the formula itself. I got these on clearance from Target.