Friday, January 18, 2013

Heart to Heart

It's amazing how I lost the connection to your number and texted you to get the connection. Those texts were the most meaningful things you've ever said to me, even though we've never really had a heart-to-heart conservation. If it were possible, it would mean the world to me if we had just one heart-to-heart conservation. I wonder if you ever thought about having one with me, but you probably don't. It makes me feel really upset and pathetic that I'm the only one who thinks about it every now and then. But, however, I must face the truth---we'll probably never have one. It's funny how I could have a more meaningful conservation with someone I've known for a day than with someone like you that I've known for years but haven't been close to at all. And yes, I do think what it would be like to be close and have meaningful heart-to-heart conversations. I don't think we'll get to that point as we both live very different lives (not to mention we also come from different backgrounds).  I wish you would think about this at least once, but you'll probably never will. And I find that really sad to think you would never think about having at least ONE meaningful heart-to-heart with me. I wonder if you have anything to say about that or if you feel the same way, but let's face it: you presumably don't.  And you know something? That's perfectly OK with me. But who knows? Maybe someday we'll have one.